About Us

Los Amigos was opened in june 2004 by myself, Matthias, and my good friend Erica. I had left Holland a year before to travel and visit my brother who was working in Guatemala with returned refugees in remote villages.

It was never my plan to settle here but the beauty of Central America made my decision easy! I discovered the true magic of Guatemala: Fire flies glowing in the darkness; kids splashing around in the river. I knew I couldn’t find this simple exsistance back home…

sHence, I skipped my flight back, my parents cleared my flat out and thus I became a Dutch Chapin! Erica had been working as a talented chef for many years and we came to the idea of starting something for ourselves: The first Youth Hostel in Flores…

Originally I am a journalist and photographer and doing this was one big jump into the dark. Looking back it was the best jump I’ve ever made!

In the first days we were going crazy, running around like headless chickens but after two weeks we were saved by a mysterious stranger coming out of the jungle: Jeronimo, the third face behind Los Amigos!

We turned out to be the perfect team! Ericas miracles in the kitchen with Jeronimo’s creativity and green eye combined with my own enthusiasm and vision made it really fun working together. Since that day the three of us have worked every day with love, sweat and joy to create something really special, in the heart of Flores!

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