Jungly garden

Having travelled a bit, I´ve encountered a few gems around the world. Places to drop down on a couch, breathe out my troubles and get a delicious meal!

A place full of interesting people, all there for the same reason. A sense of adventure in the air, everyone open to new experiences: A safe place to let go and have fun.

We hope we have created this for you here: A place to feel at home. An organic place, in which our restaurant, bar and rooms are blended in with Mother Nature.

Los Amigos has often been called the Secret Garden of Flores. Once you walk though our front gate you will see why. You’ll be immersed in a green oasis: A huge wide courtyard full of lush vegetation, tree houses, colorful wall paintings and incredible decorations from all over the world. “Oh wow” is what we often hear when our new guests arrive in our garden, with a cold drink, listening to the streaming fountain and the chirping birds.

Whether you just wanna read a good book in our colorful hammocks or wanna play a fun game of pool… The Secret Garden of Flores is the perfect place to chill out.

We’ll keep the Gallo’ s cold for you. See you soon!