El Mirador is considered the oldest Mayan city and counts with the highest Mayan temples of all..

I did the tour last year and it was astonishing! It was one of the most beautifull parts of Central America I had ever seen!

Very special is the fact that it is so far away from civilized world… Completely hidden in the jungle.. As if it had just been discovered yesterday! The feeling you have standing on top of the Danta pyramid seeing nothing but jungle around you, is undescribable!

The trip to El Mirador is no picknick! You have to suffer to get there! Some days you have to walk up to 8 hours a day crossing 40 kilometers of jungle in a day! So those considering doing this tour should be in good physical shape and ready for some real action! During the 5 or 6 day trip one walks together with a local guide who explains about flora and fauna, prepares three meals a day and sets up the camp at night. You sleep in tents.

If you do the tour in 5 days, you walk two days to El Mirador, you spend the third day to explore the ruins and then you walk back to La Carmelita for two more days.

Those who want to do the tour in six days will visit two more Mayan sites besides El Mirador, Nakbe and La Florida. The advantage of doing the six day tour is that the way back is on a new and different trail.

If you are interested in doing the Mirador tour please enail us or call us so we can hook you up with other travellers. The more people sign up, the cheaper the price gets!

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