Yaxha can be considered as the forgotten brother of Tikal. Which is really a shame because it truly is worth visiting!

A special charactaristic of Yaxha is that its ruins are located right next to a lake. This makes for beautiful sunsets from the top of the ruins with a bright orange ball taking a evening dip into the blue lake! 

Yaxha was put on the map when the popular reality show ‘Survivor’ was shot there! The show was shot on a little island called Topoxte which can be visited by boat from Yaxha. Crocodiles can easily be seen at nighttime. 

Different options are available. One of them is to camp overnight. (If you want more luxury you can stay at the eco hotel (El Sombrero), another option is to visit the nearby Nakum ruins.

If you want we can also arrange for a combined tour in which you visit the Tikal Park AND Yaxha on one day! Our travel Agency is flexible and we will be more than happy to customize your tour according to your personal needs and desires. Just talk with our helpful staff in the Los Amigos Agency.

Having said that, the prices mentioned are for the day tour to Yaxha. We have two departures a day. One at 8 am and one at 14:00 pm. With the second option you can watch the sunset! 

Take note that a Q 80 entrance to the park is not included in the prices mentioned. Neither is a guide which you could hire at site if interested.