The picturesque island of Flores is the capital city of the most northern department of Guatemala: the jungly Petén. The colonial island is located in the beautiful Lake Petén Itza, connected to the mainland by a short causeway.

For many tourists, the main reason to visit Flores is its proximity to Tikal, the most famous Mayan ruins in Guatemala, which are just a one hour drive away.

A little bit of history: In Pre-Columbian times, Flores was the Maya city of Tayasal. The Maya called it Noh Petén (City Island) or Tah Itzá (Place of the Itzá). No Maya buildings remain today but the place itself is of great importance in the heritage of the Maya. It was here on the island of Flores that the last independent state of the Maya civilization held out against the onslaught of the Spanish conquerors.

Nowadays Flores is a true backpacker hotspot. How could it not be? A lake that’s always the perfect temperature, lush jungle all around and the most beautiful sunsets ever.

Get ready for a nice tan ‘cause temperatures almost never drop below 25 celsius. As on all tropical islands, life here goes by at a different pace. Many of the oldies sit in front of their houses, chatting away, watching the many tourists stroll through the steep little cobblestone streets. Except for the occasional honking of a tuc tuc or the ringing bells of the catholic church, there is not much reason for stress on this laid back island.

All in all Flores is definitely one of the most tranquilo and safe places in Guatemala. Local legend has it that if you drink from the lake you will never leave this island again. Boy, am I glad I took a sip!

Flores is centrally located in between Belize, the Mexican beaches and Palenque. The airport is a 5 minutes drive away and if you wanna take a comfy bus… no worries! We arrange all sorts of direct buses in all directions. Check it out for yourself.