Things To Do

Minimum time commitment:

Explore lake Itza by canoe




1) Jorges rope swing 


 2) ARCAS Wildlife Rescue Center


   Its one of the largest rescue centers in the world and receives between 300 and 600     animals of more tan 40 species each year. If you want to volunteer, there are various options on their website.



3) Petencito Zoo

Cross the hanging bridge to enter a zoo on an island. There is a wide variety of animals and monuments of the Mayan culture.



4) Santa Barbara Museum

Located on an islet in front of Flores, this museum has more than 5000 Mayan pieces. Once was a radio station and  now works as a hotel.


5) Tayazal archaeological site & Museum


 Check the museum for a collection of Mayan artifacts, follow the trails in the jungle to discover different mounts used as lookouts. You might see or listen howler monkeys and different species of birds.

6) King Canek lookout

Don’t miss this amazing view the highest point in the tayazal area.


7) Chechenal Beach

Experience tranquility, dive from the dock or make a BBQ 


8) Ak’tun Kan Caves

Explore this network of caves located in Santa Elena; 

this labyrinth has a variety of stalagmites that guide you through a journey.



What We’re Looking For

What You’re Getting

Lake View Room with Private Bathroom

Minimum time commitment:

Enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and the island from these light and spacious rooms. Every room has its own themed decorations. The private bathroom has hot water and we provide clean linen, towels, shampoo and soap. Of course, you’ll have access to Wi-Fi in your room. 

What We’re Looking For

What You’re Getting

Bartender in the Night Lounge

Keep the party going!
Minimum time commitment: 6 weeks

Volunteer as a bartender at Los Amigos for 6 hours a day from 19:00 to 1:00 am. First you help out in the restaurant and the kitchen then at 9:30pm you open the Night Lounge and keep the party going there!

What We’re Looking For

- You're a fun, outgoing person
- You speak basic Spanish
- You have a responsible work attitude
- Preferably you have some bartending experience

What You’re Getting

- Free meal daily
- Reduced prices for food and drinks
- Free tours around the area
- Housing

Vegetarian Cook

Restaurant Maracuya
Minimum time commitment: 1 week

We have also opened a little vegetarian restaurant here on the island called Maracuyá. Every day the menu changes so there is lots of space for creativity. We can always use some extra help and input. If you have a passion for vegetarian cooking and for promoting a healthy way of living we have just the right place for you.

What We’re Looking For

- Vegetarian cooking skills
- You're comfortable speaking Spanish
- A proactive attitude

What You’re Getting

- Housing
- Free meals at the restaurant
- Free tours and use of our canoes

Restaurant Manager

Serious business!
Minimum time commitment: 1 year

Are you the kind of person who has the natural ability to create a fun and loose atmosphere but at the same time are responsible and disciplined enough to lead a team of local staff? Then we’re definitely looking for you!

What We’re Looking For

- You're comfortable speaking Spanish
- You have strong organizational skills
- Independent, reliable work ethic

What You’re Getting

- Housing
- Your own bicycle and use of canoes
- Free yoga classes and other activities
- Free meals and drinks during work hours

Something else you’re good at?

Share your awesome skills!
Minimum time commitment: Various

At Los Amigos there’s always something going on and we’re always looking for people to help us out. Improve the hostel with your painting, carpenting or gardening skills. Teach our guests salsa, yoga or Spanish. Or document our adventures with your photography or video-making skills.

Let us know via the contact form below what you would like to do and when you will be available!

What We’re Looking For

- Your skills...
- Time
- And Creativity

What You’re Getting

- One free meal per day
- Housing
- Free tours around the area

Surfing and Beach

Minimum time commitment:

Driftwood Surfer

The Driftwood Surfer (El Paredón)

The Driftwood Surfer is a surf house at the pristine and secluded beach of El Paredón, just 2 hours from Antigua. Run by three friendly and charismatic backpackers, this place is the ideal spot to take your first surf lessons or the perfect getaway for a fun weekend of relaxing on Guatemala’s most beautiful beach. A true gem that is not yet on the mainstream tourist route. The hostel offers dorms and private rooms. They have a cozy restaurant and bar overlooking the blue ocean and a great pool in their front garden. Direct shuttles leave daily from Antigua.

(502) 3036 6891


Paredon Surf House

The Surf House (El Paredón)

The Surf House is a relaxing and welcoming beach house located in the small fishing village of El Paredón. Conveniently located less than 2 hours from Guatemala City and Antigua, people come to The Surf House to escape the hustle and bustle of Guatemala’s popular beach destinations and it is a great place to take surf lessons. They offer private rooms and dorms and a good restaurant and a pool.

(502) 5691 3096


Johnny's Place

Johnny’s Place (Monterrico Beach)

A stylish beachfront hotel with several pools in front of the dorms and private huts. The restaurant is located right in front of the ocean and serves great seafood. They have a lively bar at night.

(502) 4369 6900

(502) 5812 0409


El Delfin

El Delfin (Monterrico Beach)

This is a fun seafront hostel with many extras like a big pool, hammocks overlooking the ocean, a great bar and restaurant. Their accommodations vary from regular dorms to private rooms.

(502) 4661 9255

(502) 5702 6701


What We’re Looking For

What You’re Getting

Spiritual Retreats

Minimum time commitment:

Piramides Del Ka

Las Piramides del Ka (San Marcos)

Las Piramides is a spiritual meditation center located in San Marcos, a little village at the beautiful Atitlan Lake. San Marcos has grown out to be a village for the ‘spiritual seekers.’ Massage courses and healing techniques are offered all around town and yoga courses are widely offered in all styles and variations. Las Piramides is a spiritual center that offers a one month course, the so called Moon Course. People from all over the world go there to participate in daily yoga classes, practice various healing techniques and get to know themselves better. If you want to go deeper, they offer another 3 months course called the Sun Course.

(502) 5202 4168
(502) 5205 7302


Mahadevi Ashram

The Mahadevi Ashram

The Kaivalya Yoga School at Mahadevi Ashram aspires to provide a peaceful sanctuary for deeply transformational spiritual practice in an eco-friendly, enchanting environment of bamboo and earth architecture. The ashram is located at the edge of the quaint Mayan village of Tzununa (‘Hummingbird’), 3km outside of San Marcos La Laguna. The place offers daily yoga classes, a one month yoga teacher training course and various meditation courses.

(502) 3199 1344


Sinchi Runa

Sinchi Runa

Sinchi Runa is a consciousness spiritual center that works with entheogens and master plants through the frame of shamanism, tantra and Vedic philosophy. Sinchi Runa offers single sessions and 2 week or 4 week programs aspiring deep personal change working with amazonic masterplants and the implementation of special diets, plant saunas and other cleansing techniques.

(502) 5714 4039
(502) 5444 7932


What We’re Looking For

What You’re Getting

Off The Beaten Path

Minimum time commitment:

Laguna Lachua

Laguna Lachua

Laguna Lachua is one of the best conserved lakes in Central America. It is located 2 hours from Cobán and only accessible by public transportation. To get there, you take a bus to the Chisec crosspoint (halfway on the route from Flores to Semuc Champey) and from there hop on a bus in the direction of Playa Grande. It might be a little bit difficult to get there, but it is definitely worth the effort. To get to the lake one has to first hike for 1 hour through the pristine natural park.

Remember, there are no restaurants there so you have to bring your own food and drinks. For accommodation you can either sleep in the community hostel or bring your own tent. You’ll be rewarded with a stay at one of the most beautiful lakes of Central America. Just a little warning: This tour is for those that love to step out of the tourist bubble and are not afraid to get a bit dirty!

Laguna Lachua is on the same route as the Candelaria Caves. You might wanna visit them both!

Park administration:
(502) 4084 1706


Candelaria Caves

Candelaria Caves

The Candelaria Caves are one of the biggest in Guatemala and definitely one of the most beautiful we have seen. The caves are submerged in water and you can tube for miles through them. They are located just a few miles away from the Chisec Crosspoint, which is halfway on the route between Flores and Semuc Champey. It would be the perfect stop on the way. To get there just get out at the Chisec Crosspoint and take a collective bus to the caves.

There are 2 places to stay:

  • The basic, and in our opinion more fun, option is to stay at the communitarian hotel. Coming from Chisec it is the second entry marked by a big white stone sign next to the road. You will have to walk for 30 minutes through pristine jungle until you will see a little river with a thatched roofed hotel next to it. The hotel is a communitarian project of the traditional neighboring village. If no one is at the hotel just cross the little bridge and ask around in town. Soon you’ll be surrounded by smiling kids and someone will check you in at the simple but cozy hotel.

    The project offers traditional food and drinks. Probably the freshest chicken you ever had as they just catch them from their backyards. The hotel costs Q 85 a night per person and they charge the same amount for the guided tour through the caves! Only do this tour if you’re really in for an adventure as facilities are basic. However this is a unique opportunity to get a real taste of rural Guatemala.

    We couldn’t find any contact information for the project.

  • The other option is to stay at a much more luxurious hotel called Candelaria Lodge which is located right next to the road so you won’t need to hike in for 30 minutes. They offer nice private rooms and have a restaurant on site.

    (502) 5352 9276

What We’re Looking For

What You’re Getting


Minimum time commitment:

Quetzaltrekkers logo


Quetzaltrekkers is an NGO mostly run by travelling volunteers that offer beautiful adventurous treks through the Guatemalan mountains. Not only will you enjoy nature but also have a direct experience with Guatemalan culture as you will pass remote villages and sleep with local families and learn about their traditional ways.

Their 4 most famous tours are:

  • The overnight tour to the highest volcano of Central America: The Tajamulco.
  • A 3 day hike from Xela to Atitlan with astonishing views over the lake.
  • A one day hike up to one of the most active volcanoes in the world: Santiaguito.
  • A six day hike from Nebaj to Todos Santos that takes you well off the beaten path, through 3 Mayan language zones and far from the reaches of any guidebooks… or modern roads for that matter. The trek will see you traverse the Cuchumatanes Mountains that hug the seldom-visited northwestern corner of Guatemala.

To talk to the Quetzaltrekkers directly, see them in the back of the backpackers hotel Casa Argentina.

(502) 7765 5895

What We’re Looking For

What You’re Getting