Feeling hungry? We serve a large variety of healthy and original dishes in our restaurant. We’re famous for our huge portions and fresh, natural taste.

Maybe you want to try an amazing healthy vegetarian plate or a tasty Turkish shawarma. Or the unique flavor of the Petén native, Pescado Blanco in a veracruzana sauce. More in an Asian mood? Try the spicy Thai curry! We serve to everyone’s needs!

Oh, by the way, we never use additives like MSG in our food, only carefully selected, natural ingredients! We go to the market ourselves to select the freshest fruits and veggies and carefully select the spices we use! Also, all wares are well disinfected and our meals, drinks and ice are all prepared with purified water.

And if you wonder what those delicious smells are in the morning: It might be our baker, preparing our delicious bread, brownies and pies! Every day, we bake it all fresh from scratch! Or maybe it’s the aroma of our great Guatemalan coffee and chai teas?

You catch my drift. Whether you are looking for an enormous burrito, delicious pasta, a fingerlickin´ burger, a glorious dessert or just a good cup of coffee, I am pretty sure you are about to find exactly what you´re looking for!