Explore Lake Itza by canoe!

Visit a cool little museum on a small island, go to the Rope Swing or just float around and relax on the lake. Ask for Jeronimo in the hostel. He’ll be happy to rent you one of his canoes.

You’ll receive a ziplock bag and a chain with lock, so you can feel free to canoe wherever you want for the day!

Some of the destinations you can reach by canoe:



  • 1) Rope Swing (30 min.)
    Visit Don Jorge and his lovely family and jump in the lake from various ropes and a diving board.
  • 2) El Museo (15 min.)
    Quaint little museum on the small island on the lake with lots of interesting Maya objects. There’s also a radio broadcasting station there, run by a really nice guy. If you’re lucky you might end up on the air!
  • 3) San Miguel (15 min.)
    Visit the Lookout point for a great view of Flores Island. You will actually be standing on top of an old Maya ruin!
  • 4) Playa San Miguel (45 min.)
    Cozy beach 45 minutes away. The beach has places to hang out and make a fire. Beautiful sunset and view of neighbouring San Andrés.
  • 5) Petencito Zoo (40min.)
    If you want to canoe a little longer you can reach the Petencito Zoo. Even though the standards in the zoo are not high, there are quite a few animals to admire and seeing a jaguar in real life can be a beautiful experience.
  • 6) Arcas (35 min.)
    See the work of the nice people at the animal rescue center Arcas. Some of the monkeys might even want to play with you!

Don’t forget: Sunscreen, water, some money (for entrance fees etc.) and maybe a hat.