Mopan Waterfalls

This is probably one of our favourite day tours! Mopan is a beautiful waterfall which is located at about an hours distance from the hostel.

The waterfalls are a bit off the main tourist map so it is a great chance to see a part of the real Guatemala and have lots of fun!

The best part of the waterfalls is that you can make spectacular jumps into the pools! Wheter it is jumping off rocks, trees or balancing over the man-made palmtree that serves as a dive board, or swinging with the rope… Mopan is always great fun in groups.

We  have daily departure at 8 am. You will have more or less 6 hours of fun there. If you want our tour leader will stop for you at the supermarkt so you can buy meat for a BBQ. Return time is 16:30.

Also if you want to combine this tour with one night of camping right next to the waterfalls, we can arrange this for you!

Another option is to combine the tour with transport all the way to Rio Dulce. Just ask in our travel Agency!