Zephyr Lodge

Zephyr Lodge (Lanquin)

Great lodge located on a mountain with stunning views over the green valleys and the streaming Lanquin river. Their accommodations vary from good old dorms to luxurious private rooms with private bathrooms. Zephyr does family style meals and is famous for its infinity pool, solar heated jacuzzi and lively party atmosphere

(502) 5168 2441




El Retiro (Lanquin)

El Retiro is a beautiful, locally run hostel right next to the Lanquin river. They do family styled dinners and offer a good riverside bar. El Retiro offers nice private rooms and dorms. The rooms are in a romantic setting and blend in with nature.

(502) 3225 9251 (24-hour cell)
(502) 4638 3008 (reception office)




El Portal (Semuc Champey)

This great ecological hostel is located right next to Semuc Champey. El Portal offers a good restaurant with a view over the river, great places to swim and a cozy bar. Their accommodations vary from dorms to private rooms with private bathroom. El portal is affiliated with another riverside hostel in Lanquin called Oasis the Traveller. Rooms are generally located in a quiet setting.

(502) 4091 7878
(502) 5870 9739




Utopia (Semuc Champey)

Utopia is a beautiful Eco Hotel. They offer a wide range of accommodation varying from dorms and coffee cabanas to luxurious private rooms located next to the Cahabon river. Camping is also an option. Utopia offers nightly bonfires, lively bar, vegetarian restaurant and great places to swim. Utopia is located at a 10 minute drive from Semuc Champey.

(502) 3135 8329
(502) 3056 9178
(502) 4215 7030



Greengo’s Hotel (Semuc Champey)

A tranquil hostel located at walking distance of Semuc Champey. Surrounded by wildlife and an offshoot of the Cahabon River, the Greengo’s Hotel provides a wide variety of amenities: from dorms to luxurious privates. Other services they offer are a restaurant, a bar, a volleyball court, movies and a pool table.

(502) 3020 8016
(502) 4002 0055