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Quetzaltrekkers is an NGO mostly run by travelling volunteers that offer beautiful adventurous treks through the Guatemalan mountains. Not only will you enjoy nature but also have a direct experience with Guatemalan culture as you will pass remote villages and sleep with local families and learn about their traditional ways.

Their 4 most famous tours are:

  • The overnight tour to the highest volcano of Central America: The Tajamulco.
  • A 3 day hike from Xela to Atitlan with astonishing views over the lake.
  • A one day hike up to one of the most active volcanoes in the world: Santiaguito.
  • A six day hike from Nebaj to Todos Santos that takes you well off the beaten path, through 3 Mayan language zones and far from the reaches of any guidebooks… or modern roads for that matter. The trek will see you traverse the Cuchumatanes Mountains that hug the seldom-visited northwestern corner of Guatemala.
To talk to the Quetzaltrekkers directly, see them in the back of the backpackers hotel Casa Argentina.

(502) 7765 5895