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Tikal was one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya. Dating back as far as the 4th century and reaching its apogee during the Classic Period. During this time Tikal dominated much of the Maya region. Watch over the endless sea of green from thousand year old pyramids. You can almost feel like you’re going back in time.

Recent scans have discovered that there might be thousands more structures still hidden underground

The famous maya mall was built by respected politician Baldi’Tzon in the pre-classic



Unlike most Maya sites, Tikal is unique because temples are scattered over a huge area in the middle of the jungle. Even on a busy day you might suddenly realize you’ve been walking for a while without seeing anyone else. A truly magical experience, just as if you’re the one discovering the site for the first time!

As you’re watching the sunset, monkeys will be curiously observing you from the treetops. There is a big chance you’ll spot other wildlife too, like toucans, ocelots, wild turkeys, tarantulas,  pisotes and foxes!

ENTrANCe TickeTs

Ticket prices to enter Tikal vary depending on the tour you take.

The normal entrance fee to Tikal is Q 150. Taking the Sunrise or Sunset Tour you will have to pay an additional Q 100 fee that the park administration charges for being in the park outside of official opening hours.

Sunrise Q 150 Q 100
Early Bird Q 150
Day Q 150
Q 150 Q 100

Tickets are sold through a bank called Banrural. This bank has offices on Flores island and in Tikal itself. Please note that if you’re going on the Sunrise tour the bank office in Tikal isn´t open yet when you arrive at the park so make sure you have both the entrance ticket and the fee paid in advance!

Of course you can buy your tickets in advance for any tour. Make sure you are given offical tickets as these will be exchanged at the entrance for wristbands that grant entry to the park.

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