What to expect

Yaxha can be considered the forgotten brother of Tikal. Which is really a shame because it truly is worth visiting!

A special charactaristic of Yaxha is that its ruins are located right next to a lake. This makes for beautiful sunsets from the top of the ruins with a bright orange ball taking a evening dip into the blue lake! 

Yaxha was put on the map when the popular reality show ‘Survivor’ was shot there! The show was shot on a little island called Topoxte which can be visited by boat from Yaxha. Crocodiles can easily be seen at nighttime. 

What we offer

Departure time: our Yaxha sunset tour leaves every day at 12:30 from the hostel.  You will arrive around 14:00 at the site.

Price: Our guided tour with transportation is only Q 160 per person.  It includes a guided tour, by a knowledgeable English speaking guide, around most of the park. The tour ends on top of the higest piramid with a overseeing a spectacular sunset into the lake and the lush jungle.

Entrance fee to the park is Q 80 and is NOT included in the tour price.

Your shuttle back to Flores leaves Yaxha around 19:00 and you’ll be back im Flores at approximately 20:30.

Booking transport to and from Yaxha, without a guide,  is also possible for Q 110.


  • Stay overnight at Yaxha. They have nice lakeside thatched huts where you can put up a tent or sling a hammock up. You can also sleep in a more fancy ecological hotel 5 minutes from the ruins called El Sombrero.
  • Bring plenty of water and some mosquito repellent.
  • As there is no food available in the park, ordering one of our yummy lunchboxes is recommended. We have a vegetarian option as well. The alternative is to buy some overprized fatty snacks near the parking lot.
  • Bring a flashlight for walking back after the sunset.
  • When on top of the temples try to listen to the many sounds of the jungle and enjoy a quiet moment, absorbing this magical experience. Remember this place has been sacred for thousands of years.