Restaurant Manager

Serious business!
Minimum time commitment: 1 year

Are you the kind of person who has the natural ability to create a fun and loose atmosphere but at the same time are responsible and disciplined enough to lead a team of local staff? Then we’re definitely looking for you!

What We’re Looking For

- You're comfortable speaking Spanish
- You have strong organizational skills
- Independent, reliable work ethic

What You’re Getting

- Housing
- Your own bicycle and use of canoes
- Free yoga classes and other activities
- Free meals and drinks during work hours

Bartender in the Night Lounge

Keep the party going!
Minimum time commitment: 6 weeks

Volunteer as a bartender at Los Amigos for 6 hours a day from 19:00 to 1:00 am. First you help out in the restaurant and the kitchen then at 9:30pm you open the Night Lounge and keep the party going there!

What We’re Looking For

- You're a fun, outgoing person
- You speak basic Spanish
- You have a responsible work attitude
- Preferably you have some bartending experience

What You’re Getting

- Free meal daily
- Reduced prices for food and drinks
- Free tours around the area
- Housing

Something else you’re good at?

Share your awesome skills!
Minimum time commitment: Various

At Los Amigos there’s always something going on and we’re always looking for people to help us out. Improve the hostel with your painting, carpenting or gardening skills. Teach our guests salsa, yoga or Spanish. Or document our adventures with your photography or video-making skills.

Let us know via the contact form below what you would like to do and when you will be available!

What We’re Looking For

- Your skills...
- Time
- And Creativity

What You’re Getting

- One free meal per day
- Housing
- Free tours around the area