Los Amigos Wellness

Relax and Rejuvenate


Los Amigos is so much more than a place to sleep! Relax those sore shoulders with a massage from one of our professional massage therapists. Rejuvenate in Flores’ only herbal steambath or take part in daily yoga classes.


Relaxing to deep-tissue

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Massage therapy is a great way to feel better after long hours of bus rides, airplane trips and carrying heavy backpacks. It also helps to treat insomnia, reduce muscle tension, oxygenate the brain, helps to ease stress and regulates blood pressure. Our treatments include natural oils and music therapy to caress your soul.


Each and every muscle group gets the attention it needs. Anxiety and over all physical tension are released and the mind is allowed to drift freely. A fully relaxed body can restore its natural energy levels and optimize its immune system.

45 min.

Q 225

60 min.

Q 250

90 min.

Q 275

deep tissue

Improves circulation, enhances flexibility and purges toxins. It relieves even the tightest muscle tension using deep pressure strokes with a focus on trigger points. Ideal for those who suffer from old injuries, chronic pain or just everyday stress.

60 min.

Q 275

90 min.

Q 300


Special dark flat stones are heated in water and placed on the key energy points of your body to create a deep state of relaxation. Other stones are used to massage the arms and legs, using the heat to dissolve tension.

75 min.

Q 325

90 min.

Q 350


A holistic treatment based on the premise that reflex zones in the feet and hands correspond to all bodily systems. Precise pressure is applied to particular spots to promote healing of correspondent zones.

45 min.

Q 225

60 min.

Q 240

Reduce stress and anxiety and learn to quiet your mind, focus on the present, and release tension in your body. Great for building strength, flexibility, and balance. Connect with your inner self and develop mindfulness and a deeper sense of compassion. Come visit our brand new, and Flores’ only, Yoga Studio!

Hatha-Vinyasa Flow

Combines conscient breathing, fluidity and quietness, physical and energetic alignment and a focused mind for meditating. Ideal for starting the day!

DAILY 8:00 AM – 75 min.

Q 50

Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow

A fluid and dynamic type of yoga in which postures (asanas) smoothly follow each other up through distinct movements (vinyasas) in synchronization with your breathing.

DAILY 6:00 PM – 75 min.

Q 50


Nothing more soothing to the body and the mind then a Turkish steam bath. Cleanse your skin, shed toxins and let the eucalyptus soften your airways and lungs. Take intervals meditating by yourself or in company in the little private courtyard and emerge completely rejuvenated.

Ask for forest honey and sea salt!

1 Pers.

Q 100 p.p.

2-3 Pers.

Q 50 p.p.

4-8 Pers.

Q 40 p.p.